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  • Full Stack Developer

    Senior Web Developer at Webucator.com. Proficient in Coldfusion, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, and SQL. 10+ years of experience coding the modern web.

    • Coldfusion

      Server side service layers and API's. Custom MVC frameworks and Coldbox.

    • Javascript

      Front end development with modern MVCM framework AngularJS, Node.js.

    • HTML5

      Responsive high performing web apps with advanced CSS methods and modern frameworks.

    • Mobile Apps

      Multiplatform mobile app developer using Ionic framework and Phonegap.


Independent music producer: Deep House Music, Indie Dance, Chillout, and Indie Rock.

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    She Said

    New music from my Indie Rock side project "Sun Kissed", a new song called "She Said".

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    Mellow springtime deep house/ downtempo track I wrote called "Meteor". Featuring Arturia Matrix-12v.

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    Neon Project

    Live performance of a deep house track I wrote called "The Neon Project". Maschine, Roland AIRA TB-3, Massive.

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    Deep In It

    New jam "Deep In It", recorded live in my studio. Roland TB-3, Maschine, Komplete, Ableton Live. Deep Indie Dance.

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    Not a Love Song

    Deep House Jam I Session of a track I wrote "Not a Love Song" featuring Native Instruments Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, Roland AIRA TB-3, and Massive.

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    Golden Boy

    Live performance of a deep house track I wrote called "Golden Boy". Komplete Kontrol, Maschine, Massive, Monark, Roland AIRA TB-3.

DJ Mixes

Deep House Music, Daytime Disco, Indie Dance, and Minimal Techno. 17+ years of DJ experience from mixing on Vinyl to CDJ's to Traktor.